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Channel-16 | Digital Comms for Hire

We supply high-performing wired & wireless digital intercom systems with great features. Amongst others, we are using the new Green-GO DECT wireless system. We can ensure crystal-clear, highly secure, interference-free communications.

We can configure any four wire matrix intercoms, two wire intercoms and connection of multiple base stations providing the most comprehensive digital comms for critical systems and services. All neatly boxed in an easy to use, ready to go package.

What do we want from an intercom?

Think of shows, theatre, live events, rock concerts... in fact, the entertainment industry in general. What comes to mind? Yes, it’s the excitement, the lighting, the projections, video screens, and the sound system. But where would any live entertainment be without the ‘glue’ that bonds everything together: communications?

Simple. Innovative. Expandable.

The forgotten hero of backstage technology is one which we all take for granted and ultimately rely on for timing, cueing, announcing, warnings, and generally keeping the performers and technicians doing the right thing at the right time and at the right place. We rely on the show intercom system, and unlike its more exciting siblings – light, sound and projection – it has languished in the gloom of analogue for years as digital designs transformed other areas of the entertainment technology business.

There is no compromise where communications is concerned in live entertainment. All live shows, from grand opera through stadium concerts to TV program recordings, rely on precise timing and reliable clear communications between directors and equipment operators – lighting and sound desks, follow spots, cameras, projection, stage management, flying, artists.

The clarity and reliability of communications is a key factor, not only to keep the show running smoothly, but also for reasons of safety.

Key Features

  • No central matrix is needed because all data are distributed in each outstation.
  • All outstations have the same 32-channel digital ‘intercom engine’ - they just have different controls and features available to suit a specific application.
  • greenGO works on any Ethernet network with Power over Ethernet even if the network is used by another protocol.
  • Intuitive and powerful free software is available for Windows and OS X to view and manage greenGO networks.
  • Each new outstation added simply copies the entire interconnection mapping and user list from another outstation on the network
  • greenGO provides all the features needed in one system: intercom, cue lights, show relay, automatic mic mute
  • The system is expandable from two to more than 3000 users, with a maximum of 250 groups (not just one or two like many partyline analogue systems) simply by plugging more outstations into the same Ethernet network.

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